Welcome to "Hike With Jim!"

This is the internet home for the adventures of Jim McCrain. (Formerly "TheClimb.com") Jim is an avid mountain climber and outdoorsman, having led expeditions around the world, including places as diverse as Alaska, California, Mexico, Greenland, and New Zealand. In addittion to leading backpacking and camping trips, Jim also enjoys activities that include ice-climbing, general travel, and photography. In fact, if you go on a trip with him, you will notice that he carries a LOT of both still and video camera equipment with him.

This page features photos and stories from some of his favourite places. It highlights both the people he has trekked with as well as the locations that he has visited. Some of the people were met "on the trail" while others willingly went on these adventures! The places he has visited range from the frigid heights of Denali, to the ice-covered mountains in Greenland; from thousands of feet above timberline in the High-Sierra Nevada mountains of California, to the jungle trails of New Zealand. The trips have been as short as a single night out to six-months.

Take your time to visit each of the pages here. You will find amazing photographs on each page, as well as several videos. Many of Jim's photos are for sale. Visit the PHOTOGRAPHY page for more details. And come back each week for a new photo on this page!

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